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    Professional Networking

- Are you an active networker ?
   - Do you see the potential
         of professional networking ?
      - Do you recognize the vast  possibilities
           of using Internet for this purpose ?

Dansk text - HER ...

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  If your answer to just one single question above is a ´Yes´ - well, then continue reading ...

   I am a dedicated networking person myself and highly relations-oriented, with a special focus on establishing and maintaining long-term relations. Long-term relations with the potential of contributing, actively, positively and mutually - whether this may be professionally, practically, socially or economically.

   Also, I have learnt that it is highly important that there is a real content or common perspective in this kind of relations. This means that one or more of the following criteria have to be present in the relation :

   - We have met IRL (In Real Life)
   - Have been in contact on a specific job or
     customer request
   - High emphasis on contributing, actively,
      positively and mutually
to the goals and
     endeavours of each other, privately or professionally
  - Personal goals of adding value to surrounding
and people around you, privately or

- or, for you who may be working on the realization of the mission of your life, that ...

    - You are a person with a general focus on
      contributing positively, for people around you
    - You are a person with a general focus on
      creating value, for people around you
    - Perhaps you even have dedicated the rest of your
      life to making a difference, positively, locally
      nationally or globally
    - ... or, something I haven´t thought of, yet ...

   For you, who enjoys stories and metaphors, you may take a look at the story about the farmer, who gave away about his best seeds, a story about sharing and giving ... :
- " Giving away your most valuable seeds ... "

A few other stories in English language about my perception of the world, how to do business and the intrinsic value of connections may be found at - HERE ...

In case some of the words above also make sense to you ... ?
- well ... , then send me right away a mail with a few keywords about yourself, and how you perceive yourself in this, or send me an invite to connect on linkedin/xing/FB/ecademy

And, for you who may still be hesitant or can´t really see the potential and the perspectives of professional networking on the Internet
- well, then I recommend you to read the posting below.

From the weblog of Thomas Power, the founder of :
- 50.000 Contacts and The Law of BIG Numbers

          - ´... you can´t be too connected ...´

I will be looking forward to hearing from you, bearing in mind the thought of living a life at it´s best, and creating a life of richness.
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In case you have an interest in exploring the possibilities you may get access to, for yourself, through professional networking - then you are welcome to drop me an e-mail with your questions.

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